About Us

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Dimitrios Tsesmetzis Sr

Founder, Owner, and Principal.

Dimitrios Tsesmetzis is a talented and experienced racing driver who has made a significant impact in open-wheel racing. He is the founder and owner of Global Racing Team, a highly successful motorsports team that has achieved remarkable success in the F2000 regulations. Tsesmetzis’ passion for racing and his commitment to excellence have driven him to not only compete, but also to help cultivate the next generation of talented drivers. He currently lives in upstate New York with his family, and his love for racing and dedication to the sport have made him an influential figure in the racing community.

Julia Tsesmetzis

Co-Owner and Financial Officer.

Julia Tsesmetzis is a versatile and talented individual who wears many hats in the motorsports world. She is the co-owner and financial officer of Global Racing Team, where her sharp business acumen has helped to propel the team to new heights of success. In 2023, Julia will be adding another feather to her cap by competing as a racing driver. Although she is brand new to the sport and has not yet competed, she showed great promise and potential in racing school. Her fiery spirit and determination to succeed will serve her well as she makes her debut in the competitive F1600 class. With her passion for racing and her business savvy, Julia Tsesmetzis is poised to make a lasting impact in the motorsports world.

Sean Hallissey

Team Manager

Sean Hallissey was promoted to his current role in late 2022 due to the team’s outstanding success and his valuable contributions as a Team Coordinator. As the Team Manager, Sean is responsible for ensuring that the team operates effectively and continues to achieve success. He is a strong leader with a resilient spirit, sharp mind, and a natural ability to thrive in the fast-paced environment of the race paddock. Sean’s leadership skills, passion for racing, and commitment to the success of the team make him an invaluable asset to Global Racing Team. With his drive and determination, Sean Hallissey is set to lead the team to even greater heights in the years to come.